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We turned up at 10am as usual and found our youthful looking opponents already out on the pitch, stripped and raring to go. We only had 12 to choose from with a few of the usual stalwarts unavailable. Fortunately we had 11 good quality footballers who know the game well, in addition to Jardine in goal. The game started with a brisk tempo and we were immediately on the front foot on the slick surface. Some of the interplay was incredibly impressive and our confident pass and move football was causing major problems for our opponents. G and Midge up front gelled quickly and we were dominating all over the pitch with both forwards getting a few chances. Shots were raining in on goal with most of these narrowly missing the target. Our opponents lacked the fluidity of passing and quality but they possessed a good level of youth and athleticism as well as being strong physical competitors, so we had to stay alert. They were a real mixed bag with representatives from at least 7 countries in their ranks. Our left side of Paul and Darren was looking really strong and Nigel was full of energy overlapping everyone he could find to run past down the right. After about 25 minutes the breakthrough came. Sedge fired a raking 30 yard pass over the left backs head to the pacey Anderson who had made a great run. Kev took the ball skillfully in his stride and chaos reigned in the opposition defence. After a couple of ricochets Paul, on his comeback from a back problem coolly stroked the ball in from the edge of the box. We continued to boss the game and soon after, a great bit if interplay saw Sedge power past the defensive line down the left before clipping an inviting cross into the box which G coolly slotted into the net. Sadly we seemed to relax a little once the two goal cushion was secured and their strong Polish forward was getting some opportunities despite some attention from our defence and the physical challenge posed by Kev Hurst. One of these shots was well saved by Jardine who tipped a powerful drive over the bar. Having suffered a bang to the knee early in the Game, Daryl came back on and within seconds he had introduced himself to the strong forward in his typical friendly manner. The usual routine ensued with the strong forward screaming out loudly and writhing on the floor in agony! They were keeping us on our toes with some unorthodox play and a nippy left winger and the fact that we had taken our foot off the pedal was evident. Still we made it to half time with the two - nil lead.

Chris was playing some great balls around and tackling well and we looked to reassert ourselves. However, once you have relaxed too much it is often tough to get back to full pace. Sure enough a quick break saw them capitalise with a good goal after a break down the left. This gave us the kick we needed and we nearly scored immediately from the restart. Soon after we won a corner which caused havoc in the area before Darren clinically drilled in a sweet left footed strike off the post from a tight angle. 3-1. Some more good football followed and Darren was fed a slide rule pass by Sedge. Turning neatly Darren drove the ball with his right foot this time past the wrong-footed keeper to give us a 4-1 lead. Jardine was keen to be involved in the action and kindly delivered a couple of wonderful pinpoint assists to their forwards but fortunately the could not convert them! Jard did make one excellent save from a one-on-one, blocking with an outstretched leg.

Having worked tirelessly without reward, Midge left the game,neither 20 mins remaining, which saw Clarky return from the sidelines. Sadly it looked as though Clarky had inadvertently left his footballing ability in his kit bag at half time but fortunately we made it through anyway despite an incredibly scrappy period where we really lost our quality. Paul was back and looked super-fit snuffing out a number of breaks with his pace and experience. As the game progressed, their strong forward clearly heard Daryl's footsteps racing towards him again at one stage. Rather than receive the usual treatment again, he decided to badly rupture his own ankle without Daryl even touching him. He probably did it to himself as he realised this was likely to be far less painful than Daryl's version! In general it was a good natured game between two teams with completely different styles and abilities. We had come through with another win, some fabulous football in patches and everyone in one piece which was good news as we only had 12 players to begin with. However we also know that we can play better for longer and we must look to do this in the future. Next week we entertain Milton who always give us a good test...and I am sure that we are all looking forward to it already.

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