Buckden away 19th Feb 2-2

Subject: Buckden away 19th Feb 2-2 draw.

I had to use all my connections to get a team today, lucky for us Dippy arrived  back from OZ  and Roy Shaw returned from a long injury,giving me 12 players.
Eyeing up the opposition,Buckden looked a very different and younger team, this was backed up by Rudders who said they had a couple of 32 yr olds. Well if sides are that scared of us, I suppose it's a compliment,but it isn't in the spirit of the game. Now I've got that of my chest ,I will do my report.
On a warm morning , we again started slowly , very one paced, Nigel at the back was doing his best to get them going.,Buckden looked a very useful side, with a huge centre forward ,that kev Hirst had a great battle with.
And it was this centre forward ,who bought a brilliant save out of Steve Large early on.we were knocking the ball around from the back well, but not really getting forward. We just seemed to be in 1st gear , and it was no surprise,when their centre forward again shot from the edge of the box across the keeper, goal all the way, but Largey again made another brilliant save.for a small keeper ,he is still a brilliant shot stopper.
This seemed to get us going ,and Gavin and Rudders started making some great runs, and were picked out well with some great passes from Simon ,2 touch and Chris Keeble.and with a bit of luck and the right bounce we could have scored a couple of goals.it was a long punt up field to the centre forward ,who raced down the right wing, his cross was met by Dippy inside the 6 yd box ,the ball went to the keeper who kicked it out,but hit a Buckden player, and went back in the net .0-1
Half time. And I lost Chris Parker, who had to go at half time. So on came Roy Shaw at left back.
After my half time team talk, the players went out and gave a far better 2nd half display, quicker tempo and better passing, more options on the ball.
Rudders on his return to his old team, was possibly trying too hard in the 1st half,but was a lot more relaxed more, and it was great for him and us that he scored the equaliser,from the edge of the box across the keeper into the far corner. 1-1
We kept on pressing and it was totally against the run of play,when a ball broke to a player 20yrds out and his 1st time shot flew into the bottom corner of the net, leaving Steve no chance. 1-2. To our credit our tempo didn't drop and we were rewarded when Gavin finished off a great move to make it 2-2 . We did have a chance to win it at the end ,but a header from 2yds out hit the post.
It wasn't all finished,and not sure how it happened,but with about a minute to go, 3 players were running a our keeper ,with not 1 of our defenders to be seen.25 yds 20yds 12 yds out the middle one passed it to a player ,who stupidly was off side,my flag was straight up. Suckers .
We ended 2-2
Rating today.
Steve Large. Brilliant in goal, no chance with goals ,always a pleasure to have him playing 8/10.
Dippy, tried to dribble out a couple of times and got caught,but great to have him back 6/10
Kevin Hirst , great battle today, hit the bar early on( that is close for him) always gives it his best 8/10.
Nigel Parker. My M.O.M today solid as usual (apart from last minute) when he was caught upfield trying to get a winner. 9/10
Paul Sully, got to ground  late, looked like he had had a very night,not his best of games, didn't really do anything wrong, but I have seen him have far better days 5/10
Simon, worked hard, now getting to know all the players ,finding it easier now. 7/10
Chris Keeble, worked hard in midfield,always looking to play football 7/10
2 Touch, worked his socks off as usual ,didn't get any chances today 7/10
Chris Parker played 1st half ,worded well down the left side and put in some good crosses 6/10
Rudders , scored a goal, that pleased him, worked the channels well, hold up play good.7/10
Gavin , new found centre forward worked hard and was rewarded with a goal 4 in 2 games. 7/10'
Roy Shaw, came on at left back ,and didn't put a food wrong, excellent 7/10
Linesman 10/10 for late off side.
Well done all . Best wishes to Howard Kemp who has suffered a shoulder injury whilst skiing . We wish him a speedy recovery