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What a day for football, After a couple of good early season wins the Vets made their way to Pembroke College to take on the previously invincible Redbull of Newnham. After many attempts over the previous few years our last game against them had been our only victory. After finally taking the points would this be their chance to bounce back or our opportunity to prove that there had finally been a changing of the guard? On arrival at the ground the pitch looked absolutely spectacular and there could be no complaints whatsoever, their manager Trevor had delivered a surface to rival any premier league club and the weather was pretty good too.

Kingy set the team up and we had thirteen to choose from and more that a dozen potential players unavailable. Kingy used the transfer window well and three debutants came into the fold with G - a nippy forward, Two Touch a powerful central midfielder and Darren a cultured left back all getting a shirt. Glen was still successfully fighting extradition to the US and we were pleased to see him continue in goal. Kev Anderson, slotted in at right back, with the Hursty and Matt Warren ( with hair) combo continuing in the centre of defence. Nigel took the left wing, Matt Warren (no hair) the right, Sedge in midfield with Kempy partnering G up top. Daryl and Roy controlled proceedings from their sidelines and talked well throughout with their great experience.

It looked like a strong side and so it proved with the vets immediately taking the game to Redbull. Some of the football was first class with some crisp passing cutting through the opposition. We dominated possession and it was not long before G had opened the scoring with a well struck drive. Redbull were certainly rocked and it must have felt like they were chasing shadows. This is an uncommon feeling for them and they began to get at each other through frustration, albeit they still posed a significant threat on the break with a fast forward keeping our defenders on their toes whenever we lost possession. Everyone was performing really well with Kev Anderson playing the game of his life. He looked like Cafu at the back using the ball with precision whilst overlapping like a gazelle and tackling like a demon. Darren was terrific in possession and the defence were authoritative. The midfield looked fit and fluent and Howard and G were combining well up front. It was great to play in and we held our 1-0 advantage to half time. We knew we had seen Redbull come back from this position before but we were all determined to keep our concentration and stay on top.

Trevor had other ideas and mixed his team up bringing on the their tricky right winger Harradine It soon became a more even contest but Matt Warren was sweeping a lot up with his pace and ball reading ability and after a scramble in the box G managed to scramble another goal into the net. We were delighted and we really began to believe that we were the top dogs. However, as before in previous encounters Redbull kept chipping away and it is a credit to them that they never give up. Perhaps we relaxed a little and soon after They forced a corner that we half cleared and a ball was lashed from the edge of the box into the crowded area. It took a couple of deflections and flew into the net 2-1.

Surely we would not capitulate now? Redbull had their tails up and continued to press and before long they had forced another corner. Glen was literally rooted to the spot by one of their players as the corner came in (as he was standing on his toe) and he was unable to punch it clear. The ball dropped to their experienced centre back who prodded in from close range. After all of the hard work and leading for so long we were back on level terms with 80 mins on the clock! It was a sickening feeling. Should we hold on or go for it? Could we hold on?

The Game ebbed and flowed with everyone trying to keep going. On 88mins a great bit of skill saw Howard ghost past two players towards the goal line on the right, telepathically he pulled the ball back to the on-rushing Sedge who powerfully guided a right foot shot into the side netting. We had scored a terrific 3rd and surely that would demoralise even these resilient opponents. It was the seen of wild celebrations and we could all see the headlines in the papers! We were almost there but almost never won anything and their right winger was causing more problems. With time running out he raced towards goal, the ball bobbled up and he handled the ball forward away from our defender in Thierry Henry style but sadly it was impossible for either the linesman or the referee to see and our appeals lacked real conviction or the necessary volume and the ball was scrambled into the far corner of the net. 3-3 and as much as it hurt, they had fought back from behind again. The final whistle was blown and respectful handshakes were exchanged all over the pitch. It was honours even and it was a really good game that was a credit to Vets football.

Well done to the 13 involved and to Kingy for sorting fixture. It keeps our run going for this year and who knows what our next encounters against these old foes will bring... Sent from my iPad