Football v young boys 11.

This was the last game of a very successful season for the vets ,and we ran out easy winners in a 9. 5 victory. As we play the young lads ,we are allowed to play with 12 players on the pitch, as we should get the run around by them,but they never seem to learn that the best way to play us is keep ball,but they don't seem to be able to do it as good as us. We had to kick off at noon ,as the young lads had to come back from a stag do in Oxford . We started very well with Jardine causing them and us a lot of problems he was on fire early on. I can't remember too much about the match only to say we ended up winning 9. 5' Our goalscorers were Jardine 2 in the 1st half. Went in goal 2nd half and did well, Glen our goalkeeper came out on pitch 2nd half and scored.. We will miss him next season as he is off to America. He will be a big loss as he can play in any position and do a great job. Dazz got his 1st goal for us . Been a great addition to side a great chap to have in the side. Wazza our midfield general scored 2 , it is the 1st time he hasn't been top scorer ,but he still came in with 12 goals and his overall effort and commitment is brilliant. Howard kemp scored 1 , to end the season with 12 , he has stayed injury free this season and he has been an excellent forward working very hard all the time. Sedge got 1 to. end a brilliant season for him and us on18 goals. He was presented with his award by Wazza, who I'm sure will be after his award next season.

Played 24. W 18 D 4. lL 2. Scored 90. Conceded 46. We were spoilt with the food again, it was brilliant ,don't know how we are going to ever match that again. We had a free bar and raffle which went very well. For me personally it was very emotional, I cracked under the pressure with my speech , so I can now write it here for all to see. We have had a few retire this season,Carl circus, Dave williams,john Coulson,butch,Brooksy . Mitch he is having an op in May, but never write him off ,he may come back again knowing him. My retirement after 18 years of vets football , 18 yrs playing the game I love with a lot of great footballers and mates ,some I have managed on Saturdays as well as Sunday's and the dressing room banter you will not find anywhere else. I love seeing your faces on a Sunday morning enjoying your football as all the teams I have ever managed I have always tried to play football ,whatever the pitch condition,and I think our vets football over the years has been great. I will even forgive Kempy for stopping me getting a goal from the 1st cross dippy has ever found me at the back post, what a finish that would have been. Dippy by the way didn't have my ex towel or shin pads with him Sunday, somethings new change. A big thank you to you all for my wonderful gifts really appreciate it, and for voting me man of match, very touching For those of you who weren't there ,I am not going away, I will still be dealing with fixtures refs etc,, and coming along to watch some games I have build a strong squad now ,so it's onwards and upwards

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