Result: Hemingford Red 1 Whittlesey 3

What a performance from the 10 boys! Playing against the League champions we only had 10 players available and in the second half we played with 9 after Dan Phillips had to come off due to an injury. Throughout the match the boys played with heart and skill. Whittlesey paid our team the ultimate compliment by playing throughout with 11 players even when we played the second half with 9. The reason being is that we gave them a great match and the result was in doubt until Whittlesey scored a late third goal. Whittlesey scored their first after just 2 minutes but the boys heads did not drop and they more than matched Whittlesey and were unlucky to be 1-0 down at half time. Any fears the boys might tire in the second half with only 9 was allayed with a wonderful performance. In an even second half Whittlesey scored their second with 15 minutes to go but shortly afterwards Leon Tinker scored a wonderful free-kick into the top corner. Tom Best almost equalised straight afterwards. The boys deserve much credit and this was summarised when the Whittlesey coach came over to the post match team talk to praise the boys not only for their effort but their performance. All 10 boys deserve to be named; Spencer Cordery, Jake Hooper, Brandon Jack, Harvey Cantrell, Ethan Pettit, Tom Best, Leon Tinker, Robert McCrossan, Dan Phillips, Tom Lynn.