Hemingford U9's vs. Needingworth U9's

The setting and weather were both perfect for the away match to Needingworth.

Needingworth – scored 175 – lost 10 wickets – after correcting for no balls/wides 125 for 10

Hemingford – scored 196 – lost 7 wickets – after correcting for no balls/wides 161 for 7

Organisation of the fielding was excellent. Well done Dougie for being captain.

Match highlights:-

-Thomas Reynold’s first over that got 2 wickets from the first 2 balls. He also go a third wicket in the next over.

-Also wickets for Dougie, William E

-Demon batting from Emily and Ben against some tough bowlers (this saved us the match) and lots of runs were earned!

-Boundaries from the big hitters (Oli and Toby)

-Partnership from William C and Toby at the end that generated 35 runs

-Tight bowling from all

I am going to sit on the fence and say that the entire team earned “man of the match” status. John F