Hemingford U9's vs. Needingworth U9's

The setting and weather were both perfect for the away match to Needingworth.

Needingworth – scored 175 – lost 10 wickets – after correcting for no balls/wides 125 for 10

Hemingford – scored 196 – lost 7 wickets – after correcting for no balls/wides 161 for 7

Organisation of the fielding was excellent. Well done Dougie for being captain.

Match highlights:-

-Thomas Reynold’s first over that got 2 wickets from the first 2 balls. He also go a third wicket in the next over.

-Also wickets for Dougie, William E

-Demon batting from Emily and Ben against some tough bowlers (this saved us the match) and lots of runs were earned!

-Boundaries from the big hitters (Oli and Toby)

-Partnership from William C and Toby at the end that generated 35 runs

-Tight bowling from all

I am going to sit on the fence and say that the entire team earned “man of the match” status. John F

Hemingford U11's vs. Huntingdon U11's

Well done to the team. Those watching, I'm sure will agree, that it was a truly exciting match, going to the wire. The result being determined in the last over!

A big thank you to Abby for her incisive leadership, supported well by vice captain Antonio, both lead by example!

My top level analysis is that we bowled very well Antonio taking 5 wickets (25 runs). Jamie, Lia, Tom B and Harrison put on good bowling performances keeping the low score. Hats off to Tom S for a maiden.

Fielding was once again outstanding, lots of encouragement, but still more talk is needed. Good wicket keeping from the hands of Tom B and Harrison! Louis B.